Governance determinants in multivendor IT outsourcing

Current literature on Governance of IT outsourcing is largely focused on a dyadic relationship between a client and a vendor. While multivendor IT outsourcing arrangement is evolving as a dominant sourcing strategy there is a glaring lack  of research on this topic. This thesis explores Governance in multivendor IT  outsourcing arrangement. It broadens our understanding by looking beyond the traditional modes of Governance: mainly contractual and relational. We look at the roots of the Governance problem by identifying determinants from literature and an empirical case study. By understanding these determinants clients can assess current situation and develop strategies to improve Governance and achieve expected results from multivendor IT outsourcing. Our contribution to  information systems (IS) and strategic management literature are the findings from this thesis which include four Governance modes, fourteen Governance determinants and the inter-relationships between them.

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